There are direct flights to Hopa over Batumi with Pegasus Airlines and Turkish Airlines departing from international terminals of Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen and Istanbul Ataturk Airport, respectively. After landing on to the Batumi Airport, our guests having Hopa(XHQ) ticket for the flight are swiftly brought to Hopa Port with Havaş services and their custom procedures are fulfilled there. On the other hand for our guests having Batumi(BUS) ticket for the flight, after having fulfilled their custom procedures in Batumi we advised them to use taxi to arrive at the Sarp border check-point. After crossing the border they had better use Hopa minibuses or taxis to arrive Hopa. There are direct flights to Trabzon from many countries throughout the world. But also there are transit flights to Trabzon via Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen or Istanbul Ataturk Airports. Our guests can reach from Trabzon Airport to Hopa by using Prenskale midibuses that offer transportation services half-hourly through 6.30 am to 21.30 pm in a day. The company will further take you from the airport by sending minibuses if you call their office. It takes approximately 3 hours from Trabzon to Hopa by Prenskale midibuses. Phone number of Prenskale: +90 462 334 5620